Nothing Going On Here


I was out of town all day yesterday traveling to visit my Father so I had zero time on my hands to start any kind of mobilization or organize a revolution, or anything nefarious like that. And really, why would I? It's not like anyone out there is out to blow-up our structures or anything. Especially not the Athanor we use to actually build the FREE Frigates we hand out at the FF4A Events? I mean, c'mon that's ludicrous. Especially since we named that one after our good friend Joffy. No one is that insensitive.

I especially enjoyed not being called a "Dick" when I suggested that the timing of a message mentioning the fact that someone forgot about that Athanor and the timing of it being attacked seemed rather coincidental? Like within a few minutes of each other? Of course that never happened because I was driving and out-of-town like I mentioned above.

I'm also not going to blog about any of this because I've been warned over and over again not to. Apparently some believe it is ill-advised to give certain parties the salt such posts might generate and I totally agree. So I'm not going to be posting about anything that is happening or not happening, because nothing is happening. Like I said, I was gone yesterday and that means nothing could happen. And certainly, nothing did.

Of course I've heard rumors. But that is all those are, just rumors. And this is not a rumor magazine. This is a totally professional non-aligned... oh, wait a second. This is not a news source. This is a well-known journal of an Eve player. I can write whatever I want. That's great. Of course I have nothing to write about because nothing is happening. So there is that side of things to consider.

To be serious for a moment. I've often wondered what Stay Frosty and ABA would be like without any structures to worry over. For years, mainly due to the FF4A event, we've had to walk a fine line between opposing forces, make deals, shake hands, and otherwise stay in our lane - so as not to enrage those that might want to destroy them. And now, suddenly, someone comes along and also wants to see what that would look like. Imagine that, someone out there was thinking the same thing as I was? They wanted to see what an unencumbered Stay Frosty looked like as well? That's awesome. This really is the World's Greatest Community.

Gosh. I sure wish something was happening. But it isn't.

And that, is a real shame.