Illustration Timelapse


I get lots of requests for timelapse videos showing the process that is involved in my illustrations. I've produced these before, but I am making a sincere effort to try and do more of them. In that spirit, I've just released a brand new one that shows the process involved in my recent illustration "Sariel's Flame" which you can watch now.

While every illustration is unique, the process shown here is essentially the same for every piece. In this piece I decided early on that it would be entirely created in vector, with only the very final process being color correction and finishing touches done in Photoshop. Typically the variations in styles and end goals determine when and where along that process the jump is made. If I'm aiming for a more painterly result the jump usually happens much sooner along the process, but essentially all the pieces start out this way. At least in some form. For some pieces that might only be a "blocking" concept where I design the elements, size relationships, and overall concept - and then the entire thing is painted in Photoshop - the Hel Rush Illustration is a good example of that style.

The Freaky Frigates and the Sisters of Eve illustrations are yet another example of vector style which is more "drawing" based than what you see in the Sariel's Flame video, which I consider more of a "painterly" approach to a vector illustration. For yet another example of this style check out the Vexor Illustration timelapse.

It is more challenging for me to capture the more painterly process for a variety of reasons, but I am going to try and do so for one of my upcoming pieces.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes and will check out the entire store offering over at