What Exactly IS Stay Frosty?


SF Bare Knuckles Wallpaper

In May of next year, five months from now, Stay Frosty will be celebrating its tenth year in Eve Online. Stay Frosty was born out of my own frustrations with previous incarnations and those organizations I had been a part of previously. I strongly believed then, as I continue to believe today, that there is a place in Eve Online for a very special group of exceptional solo and small gang pirates who take the game both extremely casually and extremely seriously - all at the same time. Players who want nothing more than to undock and fight everyone else in the game, to prove themselves over and over again, to rely on each other and themselves against the odds. That is, in a nutshell, what Stay Frosty has always been. 

It has not been easy keeping that flame burning. Along the journey there have been many players and outside forces that have strived to, in one way or another, change our course. Spies. Thieves. Agents. We once had a Director literally lose her freaking mind and take over our Teamspeak server in an attempt to over-throw the corporation. We've had players try to get us to become a Wormhole group, or move to Null Sec, or to achieve some goal of becoming an "elite" PvP group (whatever that actually means), or more. We either have too much organization, or not enough. We either go on too many roams together, or not enough roaming together. We either take the game too seriously, or not seriously enough. Trust me, over the last ten years I've heard it all.

Luckily I'm around to ensure that the mission, the goal, the course remains constant and unchanging. The core remains solid. And while we have taken Sov from time to time for fun, and we often operate in WH space or in Null space for fun, and while we often do fly doctrine fleets, or organize for defense, or bring out the carriers or the caps - our main line of existence remains the same as it was on day one. Stay Frosty is a Pirate Corporation. That will never change. Never.

Right now Low Sec is more active than it has literally EVER been. The meta is changing, no doubt about that, and Stay Frosty will change with it. As always solo remains an extremely challenging and difficult proposition, but it always has been. Small gang remains the most fun you can have in Eve in my humble opinion and we continue to support that outlook with 2-3 organized roams a week. Every day we strive to put up daily Wolfpaks to get our members flying together. And on it goes. Look at any metric you want to try and judge this group by and you'll very quickly see the impact that we've had on this game. And we will continue to have into the future.

If you are reading this and happen to be looking for a mature group of casual idiots to belong to, a family of daring pilots who will literally try anything - then I encourage you to consider joining Stay Frosty. If you used to be in Stay Frosty and would like to return, now is the time to do so. We will be continuing to shoot everyone and laugh while we do it.

This is what Stay Frosty is. And always will be. Friends flying together. Laughing on comms. Sharing impossible kills. Taking ridiculous chances. Proving themselves against the world. Flying anywhere they want. And not worrying about it. That is what YARRR is all about.

And YARRR lives in Stay Frosty.

Come join the fun.