ANNOUNCING: The 9th Annual Frigate Free 4 All


On Saturday March 11th between the Eve times of 16:00 and 22:00 Stay Frosty and A Band Apart will be hosting our 9th Annual Frigate Free 4 All event in Ouelletta! 

Last year's event broke all the records we set the year before and we anticipate this year's event will be even bigger and break last year's records. With well over 10,000 fully fitted frigates on hand to be handed out and lots of special events planned, this year will rock and YOU are invited. This day is for anyone to attend, no matter your skill level or what you do in-game, come to Ouelletta, dock up, and grab a ship. Experience the thrill of frigate PvP and register that first kill in space. Or jump onto a Capital kill for the first time! Or simply perfect your skill and watch those zKill stats rocket! Whatever reason, this will be the place to be.

So how does this work? Ouelletta has three NPC stations and each one is going to be cram packed with thousands of frigates and destroyers already fitted for you. Simply dock and one will be traded to you. Then undock and have fun. Luckily no one can blow up those NPC stations! If anyone shows up in local we'll just attack them with hundreds of frigates and watch them explode. Last year we had dozens of CCP Devs show up for the event and I expect we'll see them in space again this year, so this is the perfect time to catch one for your killboard. In addition we'll have special events planned for all SIX HOURS of mayhem - including some very special Capital ships to pew pew. And who knows what else might happen?

So mark your calendars and be there for the biggest player-run event of the year! You won't want to miss this one!

More details about prizes, ships, and other events will be posted as we get closer to game day, so keep an eye on these pages for more information. And be sure to share this post on your own Discord channels and around the community.

I look forward to seeing you in space!