Coercer Navy Issue


Today I released the latest illustration in the new series I'm creating. You can see the preview image here. But above I also posted the vector alongside the final so you could see it as well. Normally all my spaceship illustration begin life as vector drawings (90% do), as I find that the best way to get the basics down before painting them in photoshop. For some projects, like the SoE illustration or Freaky Frigates, I stay in Illustrator the entire time. But those have typically been a different style. The SoE illustration is essentially a line drawing with color added, and the Freaky Frigates are very cartoon based. I started wondering what would happen if I just took the entire thing to finish within illustrator. I've done it a few times, like with the Vexor Navy a few years ago.

You may have also noticed that my earlier post about the FF4A has been pulled. I put it back into DRAFT mode a few minutes ago. As usual this community of ours is amazing and some new information has arisen today that might change my decision. I remain an open minded Pirate Lord. So the news about the cancellation may, and I stress may, have been premature. We'll see how this develops, but the potential is there for this event to not only happen - but happen in an even bigger and better way.

So fingers crossed.

In the meantime be sure to visit and order some stuff for your room. You know you want to!