The 9th Annual FF4A


There will be a Frigate Free 4 All this year. I'm not yet ready to announce any details but I wanted to get things started by announcing that the event will be held. Most likely in late March or early April. There are other events going on around that time, like Jin'Taan's Captain's Cup Tournament, and I don't want to schedule the FF4A during one of those weekends obviously. So I should be able to announce the event date here in a week or so.

Last year's event was yet another record breaker and I see no reason why this year's event shouldn't also set new records. We'll have thousands and thousands of FREE fitted frigates ready to hand out and lots of special events planned for everyone to enjoy. As the event date gets closer we'll be announcing those along with more details.

Not much else to say right now. I just wanted to publicly announce that the event is on. It will be happening. And if you'd like to donate to the event to help us provide a great day for everyone, just let me know. Or feel free to contract or donate in-game directly to Rixx Javix CEO of Stay Frosty and I can coordinate those items to the right people.

More details soon.