The Pirate Gesture


You wouldn't know it, but Pirates in Eve can be super nice people. I know, I know, you are immediately thinking about that dude that killed you, podded you, and stole all your loot. But there is another side and one that you may not have encountered yourself in your travels around New Eden. And I can only talk about Stay Frosty here, I'm not going to pretend to speak for all Pirates.

Before I go on, let me give you an example. Yesterday Phoenix and I engaged a Corax in a plex when a Hookbill slid in on us as the Corax suddenly (and quickly) exploded. The Hookbill was also dispatched and both pilots got sent home via podexpress. Nothing unusual. A few minutes later and the HB pilot convo'd me. Below is most of that exchange:

HB Pilot > Hi, why did you kill me?

Rixx Javix > because you were in a spaceship

HB Pilot  > first time back in 4 years, f**k this game

Rixx Javix > welcome back

HB Pilot  > im not back, im deleting

Rixx Javix > I'm a pirate, I kill ships, shame

HB Pilot  > shame alright, pretty sad, makes me sad

Rixx Javix > I'm sorry you feel that way

HB Pilot  > everytime i try on this game i get screwed, I just cant

Rixx Javix > Sorry hoss, maybe its just not for you, nothing personal

HB Pilot  > yeah that's what they all say, when they kill me

Rixx Javix > Well I mean it

HB Pilot  > literally out of money

Rixx Javix > sorry to hear that

HB Pilot  > cant even get a new ship, well hopefully you had fun

Rixx Javix > now yu can

HB Pilot  > ?

Rixx Javix > sent you some iskies, buy another ship and try again

HB Pilot  > wow nice

HB Pilot  > that is super nice of you

Rixx Javix > best of luck to you

HB Pilot  > i dont think i will ever get better

Rixx Javix > fly cheap, start off flying cheap

Rixx Javix > its better in the long haul

HB Pilot  > how do you make money in this game?

Rixx Javix > talk to your corp mates

HB Pilot  > they are too busy, second day back

Rixx Javix > then get a new corp

HB Pilot  > this game is tough

Rixx Javix > friends make the game work

HB Pilot  > i need friends

Rixx Javix > I wish you the best m8

Rixx Javix > o7

(Some of this conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity)

This is a pretty normal conversation that I have about 5-10 times a week depending on the week. There are days when I will have a bunch of them. Players wanting to know why I killed them. I do sometimes get those super angry convos, but not as often as I used to. Mostly people seem confused about the events that have just happened to them. 

I sent that dude 15 million iskies. In the old days I would often compensate targets who turned out to be young players, often giving them more than their ship was worth. I stopped doing that because these days it is impossible to tell how old a player really is. They could legit be three days old, or they legit could be the alt of a 15 year veteran. And worse, they could be a credit card warrior flying a Nyx at three months in the game. Player age means nothing anymore. But, if I have a decent convo with a decent player I may still send them some iskies, or contract them a ship. It happens pretty regularly.

And I know a lot of us in Stay Frosty do similar things. My question today is this however - is it worth it?

I personally have always approached this sort of activism as "Pro-Eve" and despite what some might think, I don't do it to make myself feel better. This isn't guilt. Eve is a video game and part of that game, the only part I engage in regularly, is Player Versus Player combat. There is literally nothing to be ashamed of. You are in space? Well, so am I. But more importantly I want everyone to enjoy playing and I get the fact that often my own actions might have a negative impact on another player, or catch them at a bad time, or represent something that they've been stewing over for a long time. I get it. I even wrote about this in my in-game bio.

But does this largesse mean anything? Does it actually help? Will the 15 million isk I sent HB Pilot make a difference? I wonder. 

Once, long ago, I spent almost every dime I had to purchase 3 Cormorants. Doing so emptied my wallet and in the course of 24hrs I managed to lose two of them. I was relating this situation in corp chat when I managed to lose the final Cormorant. Someone in corp sent me 150 million isk to help me out. (I remember the players name even after almost 15 years.) And, you know what, it actually did help me tremendously. It made a huge difference and potentially kept me in the game.

So I dunno. I guess it depends on the person. And there is no way of knowing. All we can hope for is that it does help, that it matters. And hopefully one more player might consider sticking it out and not quitting. I'm glad I didn't.