Two Weeks!


FFA 2023 Wallpaper

Two weeks from tomorrow is the 9th Annual Frigate Free 4 All in Ouelletta. You should start seeing the billboard ad for it up and running in your local stations and gates, we got confirmation in the patch notes this week about it being added to the game:

So that's awesome! HYPE! 

This event is going to be nuts and if you've never experienced it you really need to show up and see what all the fuss is about yourself. There is nothing else like it in all of Eve and for six hours on March 11th space will be simply insane. Hundreds and hundreds of pilots in local, special events, gangs, chaos, CCP Devs in space actually engaging in combat (!!), and more stuff we can't even predict. We have prepared 15,000 or so fully fitted frigates and destroyers to hand out and our team will be hard at work in each station sliding those trades non-stop the entire time. 

I've seen or heard about a lot of weird ships being cyno'd in to local and docking up, so I can only imagine what might undock during the event. Who knows, you might just get on the kill mail for a ship you've never even seen in space before! 

Someone asked me about clones, so here is my recommendation. We do ask that no one pod pilot during the event, it makes it easier to re-ship and have fun if we all just ignore those capsules. But mistakes do happen. So be sure to bring a nice clean clone with you and have it anchored up somewhere nearby, just in case the worst happens. High Sec is right next door to Ouelletta and there are plenty of stations in nearby systems as well. If you are coming in from far away just stop off at one of them and plant your medical somewhere nearby. Or even in system for even faster re-shipping. Up to you. But you have a lot of options available.

Will we set a new record this year? I think we will. And I'm looking forward to seeing you all there in space and saying hello in local. Mostly with pew pew noises!

Anyway, two more weeks to wait. YARRR!