A Funny Story


Image by EffKay9

In preparing for the FF4A on Saturday I fitted up a selection of "special" ships to undock and engage the participants with. In the past I've sacrificed Nags, Nightmares, Marshals, and dozens of other ships to the hordes for fun. This year I already had an extra Thanatos prepared in my hangar and wanted to grab a few extra ships to have on hand. I fitted up an Enforcer (although I ended up choosing not to fly it) and a Monitor. I figured I could just warp around in it and Target Paint people until I was eventually caught and killed.

I have literally never flown a Monitor before.

All I knew about the ship was that it had an insane tank and three mid slots. So I eventually did undock in it and start warping around trying to get caught. I told my fleet mates to come to the belt and help draw more attention to it. In the meantime I told them I could help by Target Painting potential targets for them.

Only one problem as I was quickly told on comms. You see, the Monitor's TP does exactly ZERO to a target. It is simply there to give FCs something to use in order to get on killmails.

I did not know this. Once we stopped laughing I quickly docked the ship up and went back to normal ships. Sadly I did manage to get on 5 killmails with it before that happened.

Apologies for that.

As I always say, it is important to know the ships you are flying. This advice pertains to your friendly neighborhood pirate as well.