The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


This feature is called The Good, The Bad & The Ugly and this is where I recount recent fights and lump them into one of those three categories for your entertainment. How much entertainment is totally up to you, I make no promises of intrinsic value - or judgements. Let's get started.

So a bunch of us are down in Outer Passage (wherever that is) the other day trying to find someone to pew with, when we catch wind of a Sabre jumping the gate we happen to be on. Bubble goes up and he burns back, but we have dudes on the other side. As you can imagine this goes on for awhile, jump burn shoot, etc. This goes on long enough that eventually a Vargur lands inside the bubble. I'm convinced that Vargurs' self-generate after 6 or 7 gate jumps. Needless to say we all run. As I am eternally the "well known and beloved" fleet shield extender across New Eden - I get primary aggression. I literally explode just as I leave the bubble. Sigh. Rixx is always primary. The rest of our fleet escaped unharmed.

The Good - The Double Firetail (here) and (here)

My good friend Saint Michael's Soul was angry with Firetails and sold off all of his. So I decided to start flying them again, just to show how good they can be. Not my favorite ship, but I usually have good fights in them. I get all kinds of reactions when I explode someone that range from extreme anger to passive non-verbal sitting there like a dead duck, and everything in-between. This pilot was genuinely shocked when he died the first time. So much so that he just had to try it again the next day. He was so devastated the second time that he forgot to get his pod out. These were both good fights and he has nothing to be shocked over - well fought in both cases. But, y'know. I am primary across New Eden for a reason.

Having said that, I also make mistakes. Like attacking a Thrasher Fleet Issue who is sporting Arties with a Firetail. Needless to say that did not work out for me. I can say I didn't know about it ahead of time and try to mitigate my own needless stupidity - but that would be a lie. I should never have engaged. And yet, I did anyway. I'll never change. If you need more proof here is me losing a Slicer to a Caracal.

We don't see a lot of Ruptures around the neighborhood, so when we do its everyone on board. Pineapple is a pilot that has been around our neighborhood a long time, so it was a tad surprising how surprised he seemed to be about dying. poor Phoenix messed up his Slicer approach and bought the farm, but Saint and I avenged him. We'll trade a Ruppie for a Slicer every day. No problem.

I debated which category to put this one in. The Comet did die, but then so did I. This was a weird fight and I had some technical issues with my armor rep - it spun once and then refused to spin again no matter what I did. That was a new issue I haven't run into in a very long time, so I was unprepared for it. Needless to say fighting these two ships solo is a tough call, but I still believe I would have won this fight if not for the issues with my repper. It just goes to show you that even a Pirate Lord has days when nothing works the way it is supposed to work.

If we've learned anything here it is what I always say, Eve is a complicated and crazy lady who gives good fights and just as quickly takes them away. You can be prepared, well fit, trained, and steely eyed - but you can't be prepared for everything she'll throw at you.

Which is, after all, why we love her so.