CSM Two Years Later


Two years ago I finally decided to jump into the water and run for the CSM. It wasn't an easy decision and was one I took seriously. Every year it came down to time commitments, employment, family, there are always obligations involved - but in 2021 all those factors conspired in a way that made sense. If I was every going to do it, it was finally a good time to do it.

Looking back now I have no regrets. I came in 16th overall and just barely missed another round which might have been enough to push me over the edge. Or not. Either way I'm pleased with the way it turned out - as I got to both try it out and also enjoy not being on the CSM at the same time. The right play would have been running again last year - but as I said at the time (over and over again) I was a one-and-done candidate. I had an agenda and goals to achieve. Getting on the CSM at the time was not about my ego, or fulfilling some kind of dream, or anything like that. It was simply about Low Sec space and Faction Warfare.

I honestly believe that I was able to do more good not being on the CSM than I would have being on the CSM. I believed that before I ran and I still believe that. And I personally think the record shows that to be true. And while I would never be stupid enough to take sole credit for something I didn't do, and nor should anyone else, it is telling that the changes I was advocating for so strongly have come to pass. And while that work remains unfinished (as all work does) I remain hopeful that it will continue to evolve and change. 

I've also always believed that this community should be free to choose it's own direction and I am fine with not having been elected. Everyone chose the candidates they wanted and I think time has also shown us all the quality of those choices. It's easy in this environment for people (even people like myself) to take credit for things they didn't do and also to be given blame for things they also didn't do. So we have to tread lightly when assigning credit or blame for things. The only thing we have to really judge is the quality of character. And that quality is always something that proves out over time. Charlatans eventually get exposed. This is one reason why I always try to tread lightly when I talk about things I don't know anything about. My independence is important to me.

Which is why I couldn't bring myself to do the prudent thing and align myself with outside forces, even if it meant losing the election. What good would that do? If I have to sell my soul to win, what is the point of winning? And so I didn't win.

I'm cool with that. I learned a lot running and I had a blast appearing on shows and podcasts and talking about Eve. And explaining my passion for the game and my hopes for FW/LS. And I think a lot of that seeped into the discourse and helped pave the way for changes. Like I said, no regrets.

The new CSM election is coming soon and once again I'll be looking for candidates of character and integrity to represent us for the next year. But, as always, tinged with the knowledge that of what the CSM actually is and not what most people believe it to be. The CSM is not a force for change, it is ultimately a force for approval. And those are two different things.

In other news, I can't believe it has been two years already.

Where does the time go?