How Blog Work?


Every so often I find myself writing a post explaining the fundamentals of blogging, what Eveoganda actually is, and why it exists in the first place. These kind of posts tend to spring forth when some idiot on the interwebs trys to use my blog as an insult, or throw it in my face, or degrade me by mentioning how often I post, what I post about, or why I do it in the first place. All of which is fine I guess. It happens from time to time. I dunno what to tell you. I can't explain it either. 

A few fundamentals. The blog is called Eveoganda. Eve + Propoganda = Eveoganda. It is in the title. These words are mine. I write about whatever I want to write about. At the moment I write it. This is a journal of my time in Eve Online. If something happens you can be sure it will find its way into these pages eventually. Do not pretend to be surprised when this happens. I write about fights, events, drama, conflict, and idiots I encounter. I often do not write about things - but you wouldn't know that because they aren't written about. See how that works? I also often use these pages to promote things, like my own Alliance and Corporation. Or events that I am hosting. Or artwork I have created. I also use this platform to help promote other people's work, or events, or whatever that I feel like promoting. Like my last post about Rushlock's video channel.

And then sometimes I will also use these words as a device to garner attention to issues I feel need to have more attention. A soapbox. A channel to influence or challenge beliefs, or point out issues, or suggest changes to the game itself. Or the community around it. I don't do this as much as I used to. The game has changed and so has the community around it. Everything that I say here in these pages is just my opinion, my perspective, my own words. It is totally up to you to put whatever weight or meaning or attention to those words that you choose to. Mostly I write about things that interest me at the time I am writing about them. It takes a lot of work and dedication to write a blog for over thirteen years. And over that time frame I've said some stupid stuff, made more than a few mistakes, and edited or deleted more than a few posts over the years. I am a human being. I make boo boos.

I also make no money from this effort. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I do this for a wide variety of reasons. To stay in practice and keep my copywriting skills sharp, to express my passion for the game and for the community, and to (once again) highlight issues that I feel deserve to be highlighted. It isn't complicated. And it is incredibly biased. Insanely biased. This is not a news journal. This is my brain spewing out on these pages. I make no bones about it. Or apologies. Unless I am wrong, then I have always been the first person to admit it and own it. Which has happened more than a few times.

Mostly however I post to entertain. Every time I sit down to write I strive to do so in an entertaining fashion. To entertain my readers and share my thoughts with them. I hope I do that each and every post. Why else would I keep doing this? It's insane. It barely ever benefits me in any way. It gets thrown in my face all the time. I make no profit from it. If anything it causes me nothing but grief and yet, here I am, once again typing away like a dumb dumb.

I write for me first. I wanted a journal of my time in Eve Online. I had no idea that would go on for so long, but it has. So I can't stop now.

And I'm not going to.

So let's get back to it until this pops up again in another six months. And I'll have to once again try to find a creative way to type the same words all over again.