Viridian Expansion


The release notes for Tuesday's Viridian Expansion are now available.

I encourage you to read them yourself as they are chock full of upcoming changes, updates, new features and important nerfs and buffs to some of your favorite spaceships. This is looking like a pretty significant expansion for the Summer.

Here are some of my own initial thoughts:

• Finally Large Railguns are getting some much needed love and the Rokh and Maelstrom specifically are getting touched to help take advantage of those changes. These two BS have been largely regulated to the dusty corners of hangars for too long. Great to finally see this weapon system and these ships get some much needed love.

• Corporation Projects. While most of this doesn't impact me directly, I still think this new system has a lot of potential. We've long advocated for putting more control into the hands of leadership inside the game - and while I'd LOVE some attention to be given to Alliance/Corp management tools - we take what we can get. For me the idea that "bounties" might have some potential is an interesting one and I'll be spending some time with this feature to figure out what it might mean for us Pirates.

• We're finally getting structure skins and custom ones at that. Sadly they are temporary and even more sadly, don't mean anything to those of us in Low Sec who refuse to pay Sn**f and their allies protection money to have them. Figures. Oh well, I'm sure our NS/WH friends will enjoy their pretty structures.

• Marauders are getting some major changes, increased Bastion timers and a removal of the ECM resists is going to mean major changes in their roles, especially in LS/WH space. This will certainly have some major consequences in space and finally allow smaller groups like ours the ability to fight back. Something we've been (relatively) unable to do for awhile now. Good changes I think.

Graphics updates are always welcome and it seems like a lot of lifestyle changes are also coming that should make many player's lives easier. So that's always welcome. Like I said, most of this doesn't directly impact my own game play - but that doesn't mean I don't recognize its value to other players.

Take a look at the expansion notes and see what you think.