Punching Things


I want to share a story that happened last week.

I had jumped into my Astero to go over a few systems and check on reports of a mining fleet actively mining rocks in Low Sec. Reports had varied, but it looked like a couple of barges and possibly even an Orca might be involved. I wanted to see for myself. They were gone when I got there but on the way back home I spotted two Ventures in a mining site in Agoze. If I had happened to be in another ship I probably would have moved on - or maybe shot a few rounds into them just to keep them honest. But the Astero is perfectly capable of catching one or two Ventures. And, most importantly, you never know what might happen.

What happened was awesome. I tackled one of the Ventures and the other one ran off. But then something unexpected happened - a Purifier uncloaked and started shooting me! It was a trap. And I was so excited to have fallen into it. I ended up exploding both ships, of course. But I was enthusiastic in local afterwards and the SB pilot and I spoke in a convo after and I shared my Astero fit with him. As well as sharing some advice. I love it when someone tries something, even when it doesn't exactly work, at least the effort is there. You learn from it and you get better the next time.

I've noticed lately an uptick in accusations across the community when it comes to "punching down" or "swatting" or otherwise taking advantage of other players. And I thought I'd, once again, come out and address this non-issue. The other day I happened to be looking at someone's kill-board who was in local and discovered something weird about it. This player was one of the top ranked players in all of Eve, tons of kills. Thing is, in the last three years he had lost a total of SIX ships. While racking up thousands of kills. If I remember right, this year he had lost a total of three ships so far. Thing is - those of us who know how to PvP - know how to do this as well. I've often done it myself for short periods of time - just to prove to someone that it can be done. I could easily enough stop losing ships (at least for the most part) and just go forward with padding my kill-board. As a goal. It can be done.

And certainly, there are players who play that way. There are entire groups of players who play that way. I've watched certain groups do it over and over again. Those two Incursus pilots are not going to win against 4 Marshals, 2 Redeemers, and a Fax.

Last week there was a Worm pilot running his mouth in our neighborhood and being a real jerk. This went on for a long time and he continually avoided fair fights and then made a fool of himself in local. Eventually I had enough. And while I rarely do this, sometimes you have to make an example. So I undocked my Lachesis and went next door, caught him in a belt and killed him. Point made.

But I CHOOSE not to do that very often. We often make the choice to put ourselves at a disadvantage in one form or another. Because otherwise Eve can get real boring, real fast. And while I want to win just as much as anyone else, I'm also not willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that victory. Because doing so would make it hollow and meaningless. At least on a personal level. Institutionally this is all a different issue. That Worm kill became an institutional issue rather quickly.

I want Low Sec to be a dangerous place. I want other pilots to learn lessons and get better at playing the game. I want them to trick me, lay traps, spring ambushes, undock something bigger, come back and get revenge. I want Eve to be full of content and be an engaging, fun, and challenging place to play. For all of us. So that is why we attack things, in the hope that we can achieve those goals. That's why the Venture needs to die - because you shouldn't be able to mine safely in Low Sec alone. Get some friends. Organize yourself. Plan ahead. If we let them live, what lesson is being taught? The wrong ones.

The smallest things can lead to the greatest adventures. That solo Arazu is probably going to light a cyno. That Venture in a belt might just have a cloaked Stratios sitting next to it. Eve is full of dangers and it is a complicated and challenging place to play. For you and for me.

Stop whining about it and do something about it.