Full-time Eve


Every day I wake up and wander into the home studio and sit down to start working on the Board Game. After Fanfest there remained a lot of work to accomplish on the project. About 150 additional cards, most of which had been designed and given purpose - now needed illustrations. While there remained other things to get done, these cards have been the main focus since I returned from Iceland. And yes, I have a spreadsheet. 

I can't go into a lot of detail and I certainly cannot share anything with you, not yet. But I can tell you this is a process. It isn't locked-down, or an assembly line. We're adapting and changing and challenging ourselves every day. To make things look fantastic, to exceed our own high expectations, and to try (as best we can) to achieve our goals. It is not an easy process, but I believe it will end up being fantastic.

I will also tell you that it is weird working on Eve full-time. Weird, in a good way of course. My breaks from the stresses of work have been Eve for fifteen years. If work is uninspiring, then I draw a spaceship or work on an Alliance logo. If work is super stressful, then I log into Eve for a nice Pew Pew break whenever I can find the time. Now it is Eve all. the. time. Pretty awesome.

I do not know when the KS will launch. Sorry. And even if I did I couldn't tell you. I know it is in the planning stages and I know we're working on it. Other than that, I have no updates to share with you.

But this is why the blog has been relatively quite these days. This is why some of my Alliance logo work has suffered. And this is why Ian is sending me emails asking for more Clear Skies stuff. I'm literally up to my elbows in Eve related work and hammering away at it as best I can. So hang in there. Even I can only do so much at once.

But I am literally having the time of my life here. I love it. I'm eating it up. I'm super stoked to be a part of something that I think will be amazingly awesome. And I love working with the team at Titan Forge, especially my good friend Jed. Heck, just today I got something back from one of the artists there that made my entire year. And yes, you'll just have to wait to hear about that another time.

Sorry I can't say more. I know it is frustrating. But soon enough and I'll be able to share more with you all. Until then, just know that I am hard at work in the studio making pretty pictures.

Onward & Upward.