Hard at Work


I haven't posted in a few days because I am up to my eyeballs in work right now. The team at Titan Forge got back from the board game show in Germany last weekend and we are full steam into the final production schedule on the board game. Which has meant some slight changes in direction, not for the game itself, but for my schedule and how we are approaching the remaining cards. Technical stuff. It's all good news and it means even better results in the long run. But right now it means even more work for your friendly neighborhood Pirate Lord.

I did manage to find time to fly into Null Sec with the gang yesterday. And even though the pickings were slim we did manage to catch this Drek down in 9UY. I didn't realize that CVA had managed to re-take systems in Providence until yesterday. As some of you may know my own personal history with Providence runs extremely deep. Within two weeks of starting Eve I was already living down in PI-5 as part of the LFA alliance and the CVA coalition. We watched the station egg that became the 9UY station be planted. And I ended up fighting in three wars to both defend and invade Providence as part of LFA, Paxton, and eventually Co2. Lots of history in those star lanes.

In other news I am currently sitting 6 pods away from having killed 2,000 pods. Yet another meaningless milestone, and yet another marker on this long journey. And I don't even pod other pilots all that often.

Anyway, back to work. These board games don't make themselves.