Some Concerns


I wish I could share the work I am doing on the Board Game with you all, but that will come down the road once the game has been released and is officially "public". For now, just know that I am hard at work every day having the time of my life working on this incredible game. This reminds me so much of the time I spent working on card sets for Fleer/Marvel back in the 90's. Working every day with talented people and artists, designing cards with Iron Man, Hulk, and other heroes I grew up with. And now it is all about Eve Online. Every single day. It is amazing. So hang in there, we are getting closer.

I was flying around Low Sec yesterday and had some concerns. Not for the game itself, but for our pirate play style. Let me quickly review my day for you. I'm in a Comet by the way. I landed 20k from a Caracal and he ran off. I slid into a Jaguar and he ran off. I engaged a MWD Kestrel who was at 40k from me and his two buddies slid into us - I ran off. (That's just silly) Another Caracal ran from me in a Supply Site - even though he'd have NPC back-up in any fight. (Which is also silly!) Oh look, another Caracal. Guess what, yep it also ran from me. You are probably sensing a pattern here. Now look, I know some of this is because it is me - I get that and I live with that and own it every day - but what you are missing here is some context. Let me explain.

Each of those systems had 30-50 other players in them at the time. These weren't empty systems with some random dude ratting in a belt. These systems are packed. In one system there were 37 people inside a large plex - not fighting each other - just running the plex together. This is increasingly the way things are. Again, system after system of empty plex and one stuffed plex in each system.

My concern is that Havoc will only end up reinforcing this. That opportunities for solo and small gang Pirates will continue to become more and more rare. That not only will FW fleets continue to hunker down in single plex, but that potential "pirate" NPC lovers will also be forced to do so in order to compete. And those of us on the fringes will be slowly and methodically pushed aside. That is concerning to me. 

And if you think I am overreacting - then you aren't the CEO of a proud pirate corporation who is watching the effects of this on his people every single day. Because I am seeing it. I'm hearing it. I'm hearing the frustration of 20 jumps without a fight. Of players trying to generate content and being frustrated by the lack of response. Of us having to increase the amount of gangs we fly just to survive. Of players spreading out further and further in order to find content to enjoy.

Anyway, I need to get back to work. I'm just expressing my own frustrations here. I'm concerned 24/7 about my corporation and my alliance, that's just my job. We'll see how things continue to develop.

Onward & Upward.