Hot Streak


We can argue all day about the merits of player killboards in Eve Online. And I've certainly done my fair share of it here in these pages over the years. I try to downplay the importance of the killboard in general, I try to avoid looking at it too often myself. I do believe you can go crazy worrying about it, or using it to justify all sorts of activities. But I also believe it serves as a vital journal of our activities across a time-span. It's like a data diary in that regard. It can also serve as a useful way to set goals for yourself, especially if you happen to be a non-consensual PvPer inside the game.

During my weekly Saturday fleet this week I recorded my 104th kill of the month. I then noticed that I had scored over 100+ kills each month for the past 14 months in a row. And when I looked back over the years I realized that was the longest streak I'd ever had in-game. 2,015 kills over those 14 months with only 346 losses, which is a respectable 87% success rate. Including 436 solo kills over the same time span. That's an average of 143 kills and 24 losses over that span. Both of which are impacted by what happens in March of course, which is when we hold our annual FFA event. Bob knows, if I really cared about my KB stats I wouldn't hold that event every year. While I managed to score 247 kills that month I also had 50 losses, most of which happened during those six hours or so.

So what? To you reading this, probably nothing. To me however it means more than the numbers indicate. As many of you know my years playing Eve Online have been rather, um challenging to say the least. I've rarely enjoyed a consistent and reliable span of time in which to play the game on a consistent basis or for significant stretches. If you look back over my monthly kill/loss ratios you'll see a very inconsistent pattern. Because that was my life during those years. So, for me, seeing the streak means my life has gotten better. In fact over the past 23 months I've had 18 total months with 100+ kills. And most of the months I fell short were barely short, 98/93/82/96/96/93 totals.

So that's a good feeling. My game play isn't about killboards, but it's good to see the fruits of your labors reflected back at you from time to time.

That' all.