Introducing the newest Pirate Faction Battleship - THE REVENGE!

This Pirate Faction Battleship is based on the Concord Marshal and, like an evil twin, it grants bonuses based on the NEGATIVE Security Status of its pilots. From -5 to -10, with the greatest bonuses given to those pilots whose sec status is negative ten, The Revenge is the scourge of Low Security space and when it lands from warp all pilots can hear a hearty YARRRR! sound in space.

Increased armor resistance from welded on plates, increased scram range and hardened electronic warfare resistances makes The Revenge a formidable ship. But this magnificent beast cannot jump gates into High Security or Null Sec space and is confined to the lawlessness of Low Security space. Indeed, anyone with a sec status higher than -5 cannot even pilot this monster.

I admit, the skull on the front might be a bit much. lol. But the concept is sound and it is time for an Anti-Marshal in the game. Do eet!

C'mon. You know you want to. We want you to.