What IS A Pirate - Part Doodie (Number Two)


Yesterday's post sure got people rilled up. Nothing makes an Eve player more angry than someone trying to define their play-style choices. I think some people need to remember that this is an entertainment blog written by a Low Sec pirate with extreme and admitted bias when it comes to certain topics about his favorite game. I make no excuses for these biases. I'm honest about them. I talk about them publicly. I do not hide behind anything. I'm a Pirate in Eve Online by choice. And I like to talk about my adventures, my opinions, and draw purty pictures.

I'm also very, very clear about other topics here in these pages. I support and enjoy all other play-style choices as well. You be you. Go out there and find your own destiny among the stars. I'm not stopping you. In fact, I'm back here cheering you on. Go for it. I enjoy reading about and watching your adventures as well. Heck, sometimes what you are doing in this game is a lot more fun than what I happen to be doing that day. The other day I spent most of my play time fitting ships and moving assets, that is not a very fun activity, but it has to be done. My game can often be as boring as hell.

And as many times as I've written about the subject of Pirates (literally thousands of words) the fact is that this is all one big gray area. Like my Son said earlier on Discord, "I'm a Pirate, so anything I do is piracy." Which is as good a definition as anything else. My goal here isn't to define piracy, it is to trumpet piracy and the play-style choices we make in Stay Frosty. Why? Because that is my corporation and I'm damn proud of it and the players that fly under our flag. And when I looked back over time all I see are less and less of us in space. Ten years ago when I listed all the low sec pirate groups I could find there were a lot of us. Now? Not so much.

The "pirate" label is getting thrown around a lot lately with Havoc. And honestly that is a concern, because now more than ever the Guristas and Angels are more like a militia than actual pirates. And they also happen to be NPCs. Now, I'm all for it. Good stuff. But that just helps dilute an already diluted play-style choice. Primarily that is what yesterday's blog was about. And it worked, it got a lot of people talking and debating and sharing their own opinions. Which is good.

Yesterday when I flew through Intaki Concord put up a notice in local saying I was not welcome there and they would kill me if they got the chance. As usual I wrote something nasty about them in local and passed through the system. Concord doesn't like me. They consider me a criminal. And I am.

And unless you turned it off, if you are a positive sec status player and you come into my space - you'll also be getting a warning. Concord wants you to know that my space is dangerous and full of criminal types. Those are both facts.

There be Pirates. YARRR!