Yesterday Rixx passed 300 million skill points. I could have done it earlier this year, but I decided to stop training Rixx and give one of my alts some attention. That last about nine months or so, until I had trained the skills I wanted them to have. And then, about two weeks ago, I started Rixx up again. I had done this sort of thing before a few times here and there. Which is why it has taken a little longer than it should have.

At this point though, there really isn't that much left to train. Mostly these days it is new skills whenever those pop up and then topping off some really obscure and seldom needed skills like Amarr Dreadnaught V or something weird like that. My current skill train is a little over a year long and after that, I might just be done training him. At least until a new skill pops up.

It's yet another milestone worth mentioning. But I'm not as excited about it as I imagined I would be way back when I first passed 10m skill points. Somewhere around the 245 or 265 point they stopped meaning as much as they used to. At some point skill training stops meaning getting into new ships or using something you couldn't use before. After that it's simply maintenance. Unless you are going for a Titan. Which Rixx isn't.

Anyway, I have Christmas decorations to put up and a fleet to run later.