Cybele Down


You can catch the killmail here.

We were out roaming in our nano-cruiser gang today, hunting around the neighborhood when our scout spotted the Cybele and Raiju pair in Oicx local. Apparently these two pilots like to haunt the previous insurrection systems and catch stragglers unaware. Luckily for us our scout was rolling an extremely long scram point and gave us all excellent instructions on where and when to warp. Even so the ships were pretty far from our landing spot. 

You know, it is only fair to point out that we were luckily in the right place at the right time and in the right fleet comp for this engagement. I've been in fleets before were we've barely missed engaging other AT ships over the years and it isn't easy to catch the right moment. But this was certainly it. We did lose our scout in the engagement, hero tackle!! - but by then more of us had burned out and gotten points. I know I was overheating everything on my Cynabal to catch him.

After that, it didn't take long to bring it down. So much applied dps there. And the Raiju stayed away, which was smart. There isn't much else to tell, it was extremely well executed and our fleet performed perfectly given the circumstances. We've been running these fleets weekly or bi-weekly for a long time and our players are becoming extremely good at working together. It showed today and I am very proud of each of them.

Well done pirates. Enjoy the moment, they don't come around all that often.

Stay Frosty.