Goodbye Redbubble


Poof. Gone.

Today I received a notice from Redbubble that they had taken down several of my ORIGINAL creations due to the fact that they might/maybe/could be in conflict with a motorcycle club in Australia. Which seemed weird. But it is always possible that someone else somewhere created something like something I created. It does happen from time to time. So I looked into it.

Turns out we don't share anything in common and my work is obviously not a conflict. However, I then discover that Redbubble lost a lawsuit last year to this club for $78,000 in damages because some idiot was selling their logo on merch. Which is a serious issue on Redbubble and all on-line merch shops. I mean, just ask CCP. Most of the stuff available on-line is based on copyright infringement. 

I started writing a complaint and then I stopped. I've been considering bringing it down anyway. I haven't really been supporting it or adding anything new to it for years. And it barely makes lunch money each month. The only real bummer is that it made it easy to share Stay Frosty gear with corpmates.

So I decided to just bring it down.

Being right isn't always the most important thing. And all skulls with wings are not the same. I created that piece of art for a friend's tattoo way back in 2012, so I know it is mine. But why take the chance someone decides to take legal action anyway? I certainly can't afford that. Nor do I want that in my life. So the store is gone and I'll figure something else out for corp merch.

Goodbye eight years of Redbubble store. You guys really need to figure out your issues.