New Art Posters Released


Curses In Local

This week over at I have released two brand new posters. The one above is called "Curses In Local" (nice double meaning there!) and is only available on high-quality paper in several different sizes. The other piece is one I created based on the wallpaper I released last week as thanks to all the supporters of the Kickstarter. Everyone seemed to really like that piece and I thought it would look great as a poster. It is available in a wide variety of sizes on both paper and metal prints.

Azariel Ascendancy

As always I continue to strive to improve my skills and provide even more meaningful pieces that reflect the passion we all feel towards Eve Online. There have been many pieces that I could have released recently that I ultimately felt did not reach the high bar I've set myself. I'm struggling with a poster that presents all the spaceship card illustrations I created for the board game - I just can't seem to discover a great way to present those. I'll keep trying.

In the meantime, just know that I continue to be busy working on the board game and we are all working hard to get it ready for production. So hang in there.