Random Thoughts


--- Random Thought Number One ---

Some people in this game of ours don't like me. If I pop up on Reddit, for example, I'll get blamed for all sorts of weird things. And sometimes some random weirdo in local will say something about something they have no clue about. I long ago learned to live with this sort of thing and it has exactly zero impact on me, my experience of the game and the community, or anything really. And the reason why is very, very simple - because none of it is true.

People can choose to believe un-truths, I can't change that. All I can do is keep being awesome. But the fact remains, these weird accusations are only weird because they aren't true. I'm in the right. If they were true that would change the entire dynamic and I'd have stopped playing Eve a long, long time ago. Period.

--- Random Thought Number Two ---

I don't pay a lot of attention to the apparel in Eve. But yesterday I put together about twenty or so of these references for one of the artists at Titan Forge who is working on some illustrations for the Board Game. And I noticed something rather strange. If you preview clothing the male preview images zoom into the crotch. The female previews zoom in on the item. This is not 100% accurate in every preview, there are exceptions. But it is usually the case.

I just thought that was weird.

--- Random Thought Number Three ---

I don't spend a lot of time on regrets typically. I try to learn from my mistakes and strive to not repeat them. But I do wish I hadn't spent so much time in Eve believing that there was some kind of honor involved with not using implants to help my PvP. Not to mention drugs or boosters. For years and years I flew around with empty pods and refused to use enhancements to aid in my PvP. I have no idea why. That was dumb.

I still do that from time to time today. Don't get me wrong. But now it is for a reason. As is my Snake Clone, my Halo Clone, my Asklaps Clone, and my other clones. This makes so much more sense. You should do whatever you can to win. To give yourself an edge. Everyone else is.

--- Random Thought Number Four ---

I realize that not everyone can afford to pledge for the Kickstarter, or even wants to do so. But if you can afford it, I recommend doing it. I wouldn't wait for the retail version. Not only does the Kickstarter give you a discount on potential retail mark-ups, but you will also have access to expansions, stretch goals and other goodies that most likely will never be included in any potential retail version.

And a retail version is not a sure thing. That is the goal, but I wouldn't pin your entire hopes on seeing that happen. Right now the only way to be sure of getting your hands on the board game is through KS.

--- Random Thought Number Five ---

OMG Almost half-a-million pledged to the KS!!! 

Forgive me, I just had to get that out somewhere. How freaking cool is this??!