Staying Frosty


This interesting chart comes to us from a recent Reddit post. The point of the data pull was to see which Corporations in Eve have been consistently active over the past two years. So the criteria here was very simple - who had at least 50 kills every week over that two year time frame? In addition, while Stay Frosty's kill totals are actually almost double what you see above and the ISK value was actually 2.76T over that timespan, these are final blows only and the data values are from CCP's MER (Monthly Economic Report). Either way, the same rules for everyone so it is still valuable information.

A few things stood out to me. For one Stay Frosty has the 3rd highest KPM (Kill Per Member) on the list while we have the 3rd lowest total number of pilots on the list. This is even more impressive when you realize we carry a 25% character load of in-active pilots - what we refer to as DNK (Do Not Kick) players who are on break and hopefully will return soon. Stay Frosty doesn't kick players who let us know they are taking a break from the game. So that is even more impressive.

Secondly there are only three Low Sec Corporations (primarily low sec based) and those are Immortalis (Shadow Cartel) and LowLife (Snuff) and Stay Frosty. I recognize a few others that often dabble in Low Sec or roam through from time to time, but those are the only other ones I know are based primarily in our space. So that is pretty amazing.

I'll blow your mind one more time - Stay Frosty has over 203k total kills and yet we still maintain a 51/49 percent ratio between solo (51%) and small gang (49%). With an average of 3.3 pilots on those small gang kills. 

I know it is only numbers and numbers are not the entire story of any group in Eve. But I'm proud of our pilots and I don't often get the chance to see our work in hard numbers like this compared to other groups in the game. We've all worked very hard, especially over the past two years, to bring this level of commitment to a reality. I've consistently been running Saturday Rixx Roams for almost two years now and we usually have at least one or two additional roams up and running during the week. Not to mention our annual FF4A event or other public events and roams, or our daily fleets.

I'm a proud CEO and it's great to see the hard work of our players represented in the data.

Stay Frosty Forever.