The 10th Annual FF4A Teaser


On Saturday April 20th A Band Apart & Stay Frosty will be hosting our tenth annual Frigate Free For All in Ouelletta. Mark your calendars and be prepared for another day of absolute insanity as thousands of fully fitted frigates are handed out to everyone who wants one.

More details regarding times and whatnot will be coming along as the event draws closer, but for now I wanted to plant the flag on a date and let everyone know about it as far in advance as possible. Our industry team is hard at work building the thousands and thousands of free fully fitted frigates and plans are afoot. As always we welcome donations and players who want to help provide additional content with special ships or activities. Streamers are also more than welcome to come along and enjoy the madness. But please, no one donate a fully officer fit Hel this year. Ok? Because even if you do and I give it back to you, some people will just not shut up about how I scammed the community.

Otherwise, if you are not familiar with the FF4A event, here is how it works. You fly into Ouelletta, dock up and get handed a free frigate. You undock and have fun. When you die you simply return to station and get yet another free frigate. You keep doing this over and over again until madness overtakes you. Pretty simple premise. The best part is how much fun you will have and the insane things you will see. It is a great way to experience the insanity that is frigate PvP without risking anything other than your standings. And those are easy to fix.

You are invited. Let's break some new records this year!!

More to come.