5 Million


Traditionally I haven't shared details about this blogs performance numbers in the past. Mostly because I don't put a lot of weight on those and barely pay any attention to them. They go up, they go down, and generally I write and share here in these pages for myself and all those that stop by to read and look at pretty pictures. I don't make a dime from traffic, or selling ads, or monetize this blog in any way - other than one. It is the driver behind my Eve Partnership Program obviously, and has been since 2010. I've made no secret of that, I've been in the various states of the program for 14 years now. Which is something I am quite humbly proud of.

But yesterday I was changing the link on my new Discord and noticed that a rather large milestone had been passed - so I thought now might be the time to share. At some point over the weekend Eveoganda passed the 5 million visitor mark. And that seemed to be a large enough event that it warranted its own mention. I've been writing this magazine for 14 years and 2 months, or 170 months now. A number which seems insane when it is written out like that. I truly must be nuts. Which means we've averaged about 29,000 visitors a month over that time span. Now, to be clear, these are not "unique" visitors and they do not include my own visits - those are not counted. I used to have a paid system behind the scenes to keep track of all that, but I stopped paying for that years ago. So now it is just a simple counter that doesn't break things down for me very much. Which is fine.

I can tell you that the highest visitor month was way back in April 2013 when a little over 112k people visited the site. Which happens to be the same month I left the Tuskers and started Stay Frosty. And the slowest month was in May 2019 when barely 6k people visited the site, which is when I was barely writing or playing because I was working a new job at the time. The rest fall in-between those numbers with the largest concentrations being extremely cyclical over the past 14 years, lots of ups and downs. As you might imagine, blogs are not the shiny golden things they used to be.

All of which only makes me appreciate my readers even more to be honest. And that is my personal take-away from all the bullshit about numbers. That people still find value in my words, my art, my comics, my stories, and my adventures in Eve enough to stop by and do the hard thing - actually read. I sincerely appreciate that time and effort. And I do strive to make your visit as entertaining as possible.

So I'll keep plugging along. The great news is that I've never had to post twerking videos to generate numbers and I think that is something we can all be thankful for.

Onward and Upward.