February Results


I'm going to try and get back into the habit of writing these end of the month posts more often. February is now in the books and I scored 164 kills with 13 losses for the month. In total I was responsible for 17.57b ISK blown up, while losing only 964m ISK. One of my losses was returned to me due to a server error that resulted in me losing my ship. But that doesn't impact the killboard. On the last day of the month (yesterday) I managed to catch my 13,500th kill.

February was down from January when I managed to score 339 kills with 20 losses. But February was a down month in many ways, Eve was obviously much slower in the past month across the board. And we didn't have another Pirate FoB pop up in our home system, which is one big reason why January was such a good month for me and for Stay Frosty.

If I remember February it will be for the insanely weird engagements it brought with it. While I only had 13 losses in total for the month, I can tell you that most of those were head scratchers. I managed to derp a few ships into situations I shouldn't have, which is usually a result of being bored and not finding any decent fights. Eventually I just say, "Fuck it" and fly into something horribly dangerous and stupid. I freely admit it. Sometimes that works out in my favor, but to be honest most of the time it doesn't. But who cares? I do my best to manage my exposure and leave myself room each month to screw up, make a bad decision or two, and not have it impact the overall story arc.

Stay Frosty continues to operate 2-3 organized roams each week depending on schedules. And every Saturday I run my Flying Circus fleet. This is the highlight of each week for me and lately we've been trying out some new doctrine style compositions. I must say that doing these every single week has had truly great outcomes as our pilots have become better and better at flying together and working together as a team. It is great to see that happen and I look forward to that continuing into the future.

I did only manage 17 solo kills in February and I'd like that to be more (although it was up from 12 in Jan). But to be honest right now I'm struggling a bit with the new meta that is present in Low Sec. I'm saving that conversation for another post next week. Suffice to say that Low Sec is changing and not all of those changes are good for us actual Pirates. We continue to be a dying breed and that concerns me.

Until then, it is now March and time to start all over again. My work is never done.