Dirty Rotten Scoundrel


When I started playing Eve almost 16 years ago now, I wanted anonymity. I was running a business and was already six years into a messy divorce before I even started playing this game. It was natural to assume I could just be a regular player and safely hide behind the screen. It was never my goal to cross-streams. But that was not what Eve wanted. Eve literally forced me to cross-streams, being Doxx'd twice will do that to a person. 

Over the last two decades I've made my fair share of mistakes on this platform. And I've owned up to all of them. Taken my lumps, learned my lessons, and moved on. And yet there remains a very small and dedicated contingent of players that simply won't let me do that. They keep the lies alive. Conflating things and mixing them up in a very large game of telephone*. Just the other day one of them tried telling people I was a registered sex offender. Good grief.

Look, none of this means anything to me. I have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide. My life at this point is an open book. You want to know something about me? Just ask. I even have a Discord set up just for that purpose - the link is over there in the sidebar. Come over, ask your questions and get your answers. Easy. You can even plant a spai in there if you want. But that contingent isn't interested in the truth, only in the lies. They believe that by repeating them over and over again... what exactly? One has to wonder, what is the purpose of doing that? Do they imagine I'll be cowered into quitting Eve Online? Or that my friends will suddenly turn against me?

Ain't happening. I'm annoying that way. I just won't go away.

There is more I could talk about. But I'm not going to give them the satisfaction. I encourage anyone to watch the following video which was shot during Fanfest last year if you want to know more.

Meanwhile I'm racing deadlines on a million dollar board game. I have much bigger fish to fry.

Onward and Upward.

*For those that don't get the reference, telephone was a game played in some schools when the teacher would tell the first student a small story and then that story would get passed around one at a time to other students. By the time the last student was told the story, it had changed completely into something else. It was a clear lesson in how gossip works.