March Results


Not going to lie, March was a good month for PvP. I made a special effort this month to try some ships I hadn't flown in a long time and also refine some of our Saturday doctrines for fleet. In total I managed to score 233 kills and only lose 9 ships. 46 of those kills were solo. That's 14.52b ISK removed from the space lanes while losing 2b, most of which came down to two of those losses. It doesn't hurt your month when coming back from a long two hour roam and finding a Kronos on the gate in your home system.

Pretty solid month. Most of my losses were unavoidable or mistakes of over confidence. I attacked a ratting Thorax in my Comet hoping he'd be PvE fit and he wasn't. I landed right on top of a Catalyst with blasters. I was blobbed to death on a bait Vexor and lost a Legion. And I went on a murder spree and killed seven ships before the locals mounted a proper defense and finally stopped me. All of which was good fun. Those kinds of losses are never going to stop because if I ever stop trying then I might as well stop playing. I might have failed 9 times, but I succeeded 233 times.

As always, much room for improvement. Couple of rare moments last month, I did manage to score kills with both a Vargur and a Panther - which is extremely unusual. So that is always awesome. I did mostly stick to the local neighborhoods in March with only three trips to Null Sec and two trips into WH space. Just yesterday I was in four different regions of Low Sec, a WH, and a NS region. But it is always good to spread the yarrr around.

But now it is April and twenty days from today will be our 10th Annual FF4A Event on April 20th. So April is shaping up to be a very exciting month! Can't wait.

Until next time.