The HEL Returned


I hate having to waste time doing this, but just this week I got accused once again of stealing a donation. This line of BS has been going around since last year's FF4A. Supposedly I stole a donation from a donor. The truth is that the donation was of an officer-fitted Hel and not only couldn't Rixx fly one of those, but I had also forgotten to get it moved. So I contacted the donor and returned it. A FACT they were so happy about they donated an additional 10b ISK to the event.

You can read all that for yourself in the above screengrab of my Discord. Pay attention to the date stamps, they just happen to coincide with the post I made LAST YEAR about this. Especially the update where it says the Hel was contracted back on March 24, 2023. The same exact date in the bottom of the above exchange.

I hope this once and for all closes the door on this silly issue.