40 Days of Desolation


I've mentioned Just About in these pages before, but if you are interested in participating in a new on-line community based around not only Eve Online but other gaming platforms, tv shows, comics, and other genre based interests then I highly encourage you to check it out. As an added bonus you can actually earn real world money for participating! For example, I just won a bounty worth $100!

The challenge was put forth to see how many unique Corporations someone could eliminate in 40 days, from April 9th to May 18th. That sounded like a challenge I could get behind. At first I was just keeping track in a text doc, just making a note of each Corporation. But I quickly realized that was not going to work. So I had to start over and build an actual spreadsheet with the Corporation names in alphabetical order, so I could quickly reference them as they came in. Luckily for me, the 10th Annual Frigate Free For All happened during this time, which really helped me bonus up the scores. Although probably not as much as you might think. Remember only one kill per Corporation actually counts. 

See if you can find your own Corporation in the list.

Since I had to so this manually I'm sure I probably missed a few here and there. Especially with 320 pages of unexpected Shuttle spam clogging up the killboard. But this is close enough. You'll notice one Stay Frosty kill in there, which happened during the FF4A during a friendly challenge from my friend Nihilause Vause. So no awoxing involved there.

In fact, other than the FF4A, I made no attempts to change my regular routine. I had more than a few suggestions on ways to influence the numbers, but I didn't do any of those. I wanted to just play Eve the way I normally do and see what happened. Winning wasn't the goal here, not really, I was just more than curious to keep track and see what would happen. Never really thought about it this way before.

Regular readers might have noticed I haven't posted for a week. I took a much needed blog break there. No real reason other than I just needed a break from writing about Eve. Sometimes my brain needs to take a break. So back to regular posting again.