PRESS RELEASE | CleanSpace Initiative



Stay Frosty, a member of the A Band Apart Alliance, has announced that it is committed to fully embracing the conversion of its vaunted Frigate Fleet away from Quantum Fusion Cores and into more sustainable Entangled Electrical Hybrid Cores by the end of YC127. As CEO Rixx Javix explained, "We feel a significant responsibility to be better stewards of the space lanes and reduce our dependance on out-dated, polluting, and harmful technologies." 

This conversion will see the entire Frigate fleet make the switch over the next 18 months. Entangled Electrical Cores do not require the greenhouse producing gases that more traditional Fusion Cores require in production. This situation recently took a dark turn for the residents of Ouelletta Planet IV when their ecosystem became uninhabitable do to the careless over production of their planet's resources. The exodus of inhabitants, which Stay Frosty helped make happen, left a profound mark on the notorious band of pirates. "Capsuleers tend to overlook the impact we have on regular people, on the inhabitants of the planets we ravage for resources," Mr. Javix continued "Until you are holding the poor sods in your cargo hold. All that crying and whimpering really got to me."

We reached out to representatives of the Upwell Consortium for comment but have received no reply as of now. Upwell manufactures most of New Eden's Quantum Core technology. An expert in this field, who requested to remain anonymous, said, "This will not work, Entangled Electrical Cores are not ready for prime time. The infrastructure is decades away from being able to support a fully electric based fleet." Naysayers are always ready to pounce on any new technology, but Mr. Javix believes the risks are worth it. "I do believe the risks are worth it", he said recently from his penthouse offices complex. "And, in point of fact, our tests reveal a 10% improvement in base speed across the fleet from this new technology." Such claims, if proven, could significantly increase conversion efforts across the cluster.