You Can Still Get the Board Game


In case you weren't aware, right now anyone can order their own copy of the upcoming Eve War for New Eden board game! The Pledge Manager is open and taking orders right now.  Even if you didn't participate in the Kickstarter, you can head over to that link and put your own order in. Grab the base game or add as many of the exciting expansions you want - you can easily create your own combinations.

I'm posting this because the Pledge Manager will not be open forever and I know a lot of players who missed out on the Kickstarter when it was up and running. This game is going to be massive and a must have for anyone who enjoys spaceships, strategy gaming, or Eve Online.  But really, do you want to live in a world were you don't have a copy of your own? Imagine that.

We're in the final stretch here. Production is rapidly wrapping up and pieces and parts will be flying off to the printers and production houses shortly. So be sure to secure your own copy and then wait for that glorious gigantic box to arrive at your door. 

Anyway, the Pledge Manager is open and anyone can order.

Thought you should know.