Board Game Update


The art above is from the War For New Eden board game and an event card entitled "Civilian Uprising" and is a digital painting I created. It is just one of over 325+ pieces I created for the cards in the upcoming game. A staggering number that doesn't count the numerous pieces for packaging, icons, graphics, tiles, and other elements I helped create along with the amazing team at Titan Forge. 

Today I finished the last one. And my part in the development process has come to an end. Now it is up to Titan Forge to get everything prepared for final production, printing, shipping and all the endless details that have to happen for everything to come together and get into the hands of those that ordered their copies. All the details of that effort are beyond my scope and knowledge. But I can imagine the effort involved. This game exploded in scale during the last fifteen months. And what resulted is an epic and gargantuan board game with expansions, ship models, and so much more. I am incredibly lucky to have been involved from the beginning and, like all of you reading this, I can't wait to get my hands on the final results.

I want to take a moment here and give a special shout out to two people who really made the last fifteen months work. First of all my friend and contact at Titan Forge Jędrzej Wiliński who was my daily Discord buddy slash Production Manager slash graphic designer slash art critic and bearer of bad news. Bad news like, "Guess what? There are 37 more cards now!" Or, "Hey, you know that is a Caldari card, why is there a Kronos on it?" kind of bad news. Without Jed none of this would have worked and I know his next few months are going to be insane, so he deserves a very special shout-out. As does CCP Zelus for reasons I'm not supposed to discuss openly, but he knows what he did. And does. He saved my butt on many occasions and helped make the entire process possible. He already knows how much I appreciate him, but it is good to say these things publicly.

For the last fifteen months I've been the luckiest bastard. I got to work on a dream project. I got the chance to work on Eve Online every day and create art and design for an incredible board game. How cool is that? And I never once took it for granted, or didn't appreciate the opportunity I had been given. Not once. It wasn't always easy. And it wasn't without its challenges. It was certainly not always a smooth ride. But nothing worth doing is ever easy. 

Anyway, my part in the process has concluded. Now my fingers are crossed that everything else goes smoothly and that we all get a chance to sit down together someday and play the damn thing.

Keep the courage.