Today I turn your attention to an article entitled "Mourning in a Multiplayer Spaceship Game"  written by Summer Tao and featuring artwork by myself for a relatively new non-profit called Medicinal Media. Eve is unique in many, many ways and the way we mourn those players who have fallen has evolved over the last two decades into some truly unique and powerful directions. 

I was contacted by the Editor on this project who found me through a search on Reddit, of all places. I was more than happy to work with them and provide two pieces of art to help support the article. Medicinal Media is dedicated to helping people cope with mental health challenges by the combination of words and art, so it was also another way to help give back and use my art for a great cause. Something I am always looking for ways to do. I was able to re-purpose my Medea poster and create a unique new piece in addition. Which they were very pleased with.

Anyway, I thought I'd share. Be sure to check out the other articles as well. And share.