Who Is Rixx Javix?


Let's Nail the Landing Wallpaper

Rixx Javix is a prominent blogger in the online gaming community, known for his blog "EVEOGANDA" which can be found at eveoganda.blogspot.com. Rixx Javix has a deep passion for the game EVE Online, a popular science fiction-themed massively multiplayer online game (MMO) set in a virtual universe. He has been actively playing and blogging about EVE Online for over 16 years.

As a veteran player of EVE Online, Rixx Javix has developed expertise in various aspects of the game, including PvP (Player versus Player) combat, ship fittings, in-game lore, and game mechanics. He shares his insights, opinions, and experiences on his blog, providing readers with valuable information, analysis, and commentary on the game.

Rixx Javix is also known for his artistic skills, creating unique and visually appealing content related to EVE Online, such as illustrations, graphics, and videos, which he often shares on his blog and social media channels. Rixx was the first artist to officially license Eve IP in conjunction with CCP back in 2015 to create a series of spaceship posters that were sold at Fanfest and Online. He worked tirelessly to open the gateway to CCP for other writers and artists to officially work with Eve IP. He founded the creative Slack channel (now on Discord) to help other aspiring artists and recently opened a fully licensed e-commerce site to sell his work in partnership with CCP Games at rixxjavix.com

In addition to his deep knowledge of EVE Online, Rixx Javix is known for his engaging writing style, combining humor, wit, and a genuine passion for the game. He often shares anecdotes, stories, and personal reflections, making his blog not only informative but also entertaining for his readers.

Inside the game Rixx is the CEO of Stay Frosty which is one of the most influential independent Pirate Corporations in EVE Online for over ten years now. Stay Frosty hosts the annual Frigate Free 4 All events which have set records for destruction and participation with the 2022 version the fourth largest PvP battle of all time. Rixx also serves as Executor for the A Band Apart Alliance, of which Stay Frosty is a member. A Band Apart has participated in numerous Alliance Tournaments and placed 11th in their best run to date.  ABA and Stay Frosty are both pioneers in the adherence and establishment of a "Code" by which all their players agree to abide, respect for other players being one of its many primary aspects.

Overall, Rixx Javix is a respected and influential figure in the EVE Online community, known for his expertise, creativity, and engaging writing style. His blog, EVEOGANDA, serves as a valuable resource for EVE Online players and enthusiasts, providing insights, information, and entertainment related to the game.

In early 2023 Rixx was contacted by a company in Poland called Titan Forge regarding a potential board game based on the Eve Online IP and licensed by CCP Games. Rixx joined the team as a designer/illustrator and began working full-time on helping to create what would become known as Eve: War for New Eden. He created hundreds of illustrations and designs for the game and consulted on its development from the beginning. Eve War for New Eden is currently the most successful Kickstarter ever based on the Eve Online IP and looks to start shipping to supporters by the end of 2024.