Re: CCP Servers Again

Dear CCP,

Alright, we're in Norway.  Now before ya get your panties in an uproar let me explain.  Seems those fellows at the Shack ain't as good as they say in the commercials, big surprise huh?  Second, poking around in Blade servers isn't as easy as you might think.  So we had us a bit of a jam up on the expected deliveries.  No worries though, Svegien knows a bloke what sells servers down on the docks.  Turns out though, this fella was more trouble than a one-legged pit bull.

Oh he 'ad servers all right, but they was cheap Korean crap and not the south either if you know what I mean?  They was bright commie red with stars on 'em.  Ain't no coverin' that up now is there?  But that ain't the worst of it mate.  The worst... well the beginnings of the worst of it was those damn little clown bee bastards jumped us again.  Turns out Svegien's bloke was a mole for the entire midget clown cartel and this was some sorta set-up.  I don't think they understood that the servers was busted, ka-put and rotten, even when we calmly explained said sad state in non-harsh language.  Svegien convinced them otherwise with a ball bat his Uncle from America gave 'em when he was but a we lad and me sawed off shotgun also managed to get their attention.

What we 'ad then was a mexican stand-off, us on the one hand with broken spray painted Blade servers and them, on the other, with bloody bee clown midget noses and rip-off commie servers.  When we get back we need a brief discussion on our fee with that MC Hammer guy, this is classic case of above and beyond if you know what I'm sayin'.

Turns out the midget goon posse was nothing more than some sorta meat shield for the main event.  A entire Navy f**kin' destroyer pulls up ta the dock and unloads a small army of huge blokes dressed in clown bee costumes.  But that ain't the worst of it, suddenly ninjas screamed down from the warehouse ceiling and we was surrounded, they started trying to take stuff from our bags but we 'eld 'em off.

And this is when things take a right smart turn towards weird.  Cause... well mate I don't know how else to say this proper without coming right out and saying it proper.  I think we is dead.  Once the motorcycle gang dressed like Pirates showed up, things got a bit testy and full on rampage of carnage.  I grabbed a trash can lid to use as a shield but that went down faster than a dollar whore and poor Svegien unloaded a full blast of shotgun into one of the Pirates but that bloke musta been heavily armored.  Then we both took hits and the lights went out...

And we woke up in our parents home in Norway.

I know it sound ripe for the looney bin, but we ain't lying.  Sue us if you want but we're done moving servers.

Svegien & Kipper Movers