Not My Day(s)

The longer I play Eve the more I notice a disturbing fact about Eve - this damn game thinks it is better than me. In fact this game believes it can kick my ass all over the playground and laugh at me while I'm down. Eve is a mean bully with serious issues that needs taken down a notch or two.

Either that, or I am in a serious slump. I mentioned it in my Long Drive post earlier how I was just 'this' close to catching several ships - we're talking micro seconds. Lately I've been noticing this trend increase, arriving at the gate right after the enemy has jumped through, passing reds at the station, just missing them in local, warping into the belt just as they warp away... you know the moments.

Not that I've had much time to do anything about it lately. Which might also be part of the problem.  I don't know, does playing Eve go in waves?  Is this just a streak of bad luck, unfortunate timing, or something more?  Yesterday I thought things had changed, I logged in just as a fleet was getting together. Which is unusual cause lately I've 'just' been missing them.  That was the only good thing about this doomed decision to log in however.  It was a mixed Alliance fleet with Co2, Dead Terrorists and a few others.  So Comms was mixed up from the get-go.  Mixed channels, mixed FCs and mixed messages do not add up to success. All I know is this, I'm an experienced FC with tons of experience in large fleets and everything else that Eve has to offer... and I was confused.  Heck, I probably shoulda logged right then.  But I haven't been able to play much so you take your chances when you have them.

Nope. Targeted and killed before I could do much, although it did take 70+ to kill me.  Here's a clue for anyone thinking of FC'ing a large fleet - let your fleet members know what your doing or what you expect them to do.  You know all that business of rallying, getting formed up and then flying to the battle?  That's a good time to generally lay out the plan.  Believe it or not, it helps the fleet if everyone has a general idea of what's going on.  It's called communication.  Try it, it'll make the numbers go up.

(Off my soapbox)  Anyway, I was pissed. Not at the loss of the Drake, I couldn't care less about that (I even insured it, which I almost never do), but about the loss of effort.  The bad timing, the bad luck.  Like I said in an earlier post about lag death, I don't mind dying at all, just give me a chance to fight.  Really, when the rubber meets the road, that is all I want.  A chance.  A chance to stand up and fight against the enemy.  If I lose, so be it. I suspect however that given half a chance, I'll win more often than not.

So I hung a rabbit's foot on the rearview mirror of all my ships last night. I hired an Amarrian Priest to bless my hanger.  I walked in a circle three times chanting, "Bugga Bugga Woo Woo".  I kissed an ugly girl in the bar. I threw salt over my shoulder.  I cast out a demon or two. I helped an old lady cross the shuttle tracks.  I found a missing puppy for a kid.  I did everything I could think of to break the spell of bad luck.

Hope it works.