Art Wallpaper: Brutix Born

Art Wallpaper: Brutix Born

I suspect many of you, like me, will be on break for a few days.  I couldn't leave the blog on a negative note, so I decided to give you another free Art Wallpaper to download!

This one came about as a result of the recently posted Wallpaper I did for OUCH.  This isn't the exact version, I changed it somewhat for the Art Wallpaper Series, but it is similar to one of the incarnations that led to the final design.  As I said when I posted the original, this was a challenging assignment and certainly worthy of special treatment.

It is a tad creepy.  But the image of a Brutix slipping from a cocoon is both compelling and visually engaging, especially when there are so many.  The Brutix doesn't get a lot of respect, but it is a solid enough battlecruiser and, in my opinion, one of the best designed ships in Eve.

So download and enjoy on your computer monitor.  

And whatever your plans this weekend, I hope you enjoy your time with friends and family.  And that goes for everyone.

See you next week.