Fit of the Week: Garmur

FoTW is our regular look at how to fit ships for PvP in Eve, except I've called it something else now, due to recently changing circumstances. I am a Pirate after all.

For our first gazillionth post, I've decided to take a look at the new Garmur Frigate that was released last week. I will warn you up front that I've had six fights in the new Frigate, three of which were test fights against Alliance pilots. So this fit is not as battle tested as I would like, but it has performed well in those fights and is the end-result of several modifications and changes over the last few days. I will most likely follow this post up a few weeks from now with some additional updates.

The challenge is to develop a "main-line" fit that works on a day-to-day basis and that can be modified easily to fit specific situations. No fit is intended to be a cure-all for everything and anyone that thinks that hasn't fought enough. You take a baseline fit that works well, then adapt it to other uses - or add faction mods - or whatever else you have on hand.

As always we let a ship's bonuses guide us to a decent starting place. Immediately the most important aspect of the Garmur becomes apparent. This little Frig gets an insane point range bonus! With a faction disr fitted you can easily get 36k cold. That is extremely impressive and we are going to build the entire base-line fit around that bonus. The Garmur is also a speedy little Frig, 4k+ speed with MWD fitted. It is also extremely tight and cap can be an issue. So we have some challenges.

High Slots
3x Light Missile Launcher II

We need a weapon system that can match the range of the point and LM fit the bill. And the Garmur gets nice bonuses to missile damage and velocity. With Furies loaded the dps approaches 200 cold, which is very respectable for the class.

Mid Slots
Warp Disruptor (Up to you which flavor, but even M4 Point reaches 30k cold)
1mn MWD (4k+ speed depending on flavor)

2x Utility Mids
I've seen Medium Ancillary used and other combinations. But those require gimping low slots. I started with a Medium SE, but that also required a Cap Booster and some gimping of low slots. I don't like to gimp any slots on my PvP ships, so I've settled on this configuration for now.

Small Shield Extender (Lower sig radius and 4k+ EHP with DC running)
Balmer Tracking Disr (Optimal Range Script loaded with Tracking Speed in hold)

Low Slots
DC (Depending on your skills you may need a Meta here)
BC (Critical for dps)
Nano (or Overdrive, depending on how you fly, I prefer Nano myself)

This is where your own skills come into play, you may need some power grid help. But only EVER give one rig slot to cap and/or power grid help. If you need more your fit sucks or you should wait to skill up more.
I went with one DPS Bay Loading Accel, a Core Defense and a PG Rig.

Cap with this fit at my skills is a respectable 3:40, more than enough time for most fights. In a longer engagement you can pulse the MWD.

In my opinion the Garmur is flown much like a IN Slicer. Both ships serve the same niche in combat and both ships survival relies on range control. Unlike the Slicer the Garmur demands a shield based defense, which means it cannot survive close combat for long. So the key is speed and range. Which is why I like the Balmer option for one of the mids, it will help keep the enemies dps at bay. And you should be fast enough to outrun most drone damage. I had some Warriors on me yesterday and they couldn't catch me.

Again, more field testing is required before I give this fit the final stamp of approval, so be warned.

I'm naming my Garmur's after defense contractors, mine are named Rockwell and Haliburton.

Have fun. Undock.


  1. Interesting, I think i'll rather avoid those frigs. How is dmg compared to interceptors?
    I'm not so sure about the fitting, small shield extender is meh and why you need the TD if you're going fast at 30km?

    1. The article clearly states the fit is still a work in progress. Having said that, it went toe-to-toe with a Worm yesterday and took it into deep structure before I toasted the mwd and his drones caught me.

  2. Oh god small shield extender. That's like the ultimate way to gimp the fit, no? Don't let sullymon shane see this!

    1. Who cares about him? In the meantime the fit has continued to evolve and move forward.

    2. It's true, it has just recently evolved to scrap metal. :>

  3. I tried the ship but I still don't have good capacitor skills for it. Anyway, I feel that this ship doesn't need a balmer. You can fight from +30km away easily. Most frigs and even destroyers won't be able to hit you.

    The most important thing is to have high speed and a shield extender so you can fight other missile ships.

  4. Oh look, the Crow found a double damage buff from DotA.

    I'm not even joking, I pasted my rocket MSE/scram/web right from my Crow onto a Garmur, and it fits perfectly, even requiring the same 3% cpu implant. Same speed, same handling, same scram range, slightly more EHP, double damage.

  5. why does a medium shield extender require a cap booster?

    1. Because you have almost zero cap left after you fit it.

    2. right....
      silly me
      carry on

    3. Rixx, you might want to learn how capacitor works and what cap boosters do before you start offering fitting advice. What you are saying makes zero sense. Cap boosters do not help with fitting, and shield extenders do not consume cap. You are confusing grid and cap, which is something very basic to have wrong.

    4. You are the one who seems confused about what I am saying. Maybe you should learn a word called 'context" before you point fingers. The SE pulls grid, which means you have to compensate in other ways to get it to fit, those other ways pull cap which leaves you with seconds to burn, which means it might be wise to fit a cap booster. See how that works?

  6. I just got one put dual med asb and faction scram. Still tinkering.

  7. Never ever SSE, always use defensive scram

  8. I've found that, even though I have max CPU and PG skills, I always fly with a CPU 603 implant to squeeze a little more out of my fits. I have hardly a fit that doesn't require maxed skills AND an implant.

    Sometimes, dedicating your rigs to fitting can help you overclock your fit a bit. And at times, that can be useful (XLASB on a cruiser, for instance).


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