Roll for Initiative

I do sometimes create work on commission, it isn't something that I actively pursue but it does keep things interesting and generate some amount of in-game currency for me.  Which is always a good thing.  The information for contacting me is given in the right sidebar, so feel free to shoot me an email with your request.  My prices are extremely reasonable given the amount of time it takes me and the quality of the work (imo).

One of the commissioned works I completed was for a Corporation or Alliance called Roll For Initiative.  They asked me for a Corp logo they could use out-of-game (sadly not much we can do about the in-game versions) and a recruitment poster.  They had some very specific ideas about what they wanted, which is cool with me and helps get the concept rolling.  It is a process that involves both parties, although I have to keep the amount of revisions to a minimum or charge more for them.  This one went very smoothly and I think everyone was happy with the results.

And the poster that followed:

You can see a bigger version of the poster by clicking HERE.