Point of the Sword

I continue to be fascinated by the idea of people within the Eve universe, what they do and how they live.  It is a mostly unexplored area of the game and I suspect that has something to do with it.  Within the context of the game itself, we have very little in the way of human on human interaction, it mostly being limited to ship on ship.  Which is odd considering just how much of a social experience Eve actually is.

For this creation, which might be my favorite one so far, I took the ideas I had developed in the Mechanics Corp image and took them a bit further.  Taking my favorite Interceptor, the Taranis, and placing it in a bright, sunny environment is the not-so-subtle joke behind the result.

I'd like to do more of these, but I continue to be challenged by scale.  So many of the ships we fly in Eve are so out of the human scale, that it makes these types of experiments difficult at best.  But I will continue to look for concepts that grant me that opportunity.

Point of the Sword

The full size 1920x1200 image is available HERE.