Why do I love Eve? (Contest)

A week or so ago CrazyKinux (The godfather of Eve Bloggers) asked us to write a blog post about why we love this crazy, mixed up game thingie.  My blog post response is a few down the page and I was very happy to submit to the contest even though I had no desire or expectation to win anything.  56 other bloggers also submitted and, having read almost 90% of them so far, they did a super tremendous job of it.  So well done to everyone.

It must have been difficult to judge and I don't envy the challenge.  But I am also pleased that my post managed to come in 6th place, which is pretty awesome considering I just started this blog a month ago.  Although I have been blogging on other subjects for over four years now.  Still that is quite an honor and much appreciated.  So thanks to everyone, I'll try to keep the quality going in the months and years to come.

In the meantime, CK asked for our email address and mine is always available in the right sidebar right over there.  RixxJavix@gmail.com