1v1 FUNNIES: #4

There once was a pod pilot from Amarr, who wandered out of a bar.  He spied some comely lasses, cause he fancied big fat...  well, it is Friday and here is a new 1v1 for your enjoyment.  Or potential enjoyment.  It seems a bit arrogant of me to assume you will enjoy it.  I mean, seriously.  Where do I come off telling you to enjoy something?  I post 'em, that should be the end of it for me.  I have no right to put pressure on you without your consent.  What if you don't enjoy it?  Then what.  Have I made some sort of non-verbal agreement with you that I am now be-holden to?!  Y'know what, don't enjoy it then.  Maybe that's the easiest thing, we'll just leave it at that then.  But isn't that the same thing?  Good grief, honestly I don't care anymore, do what you want.  I hope you enjoy or don't enjoy the following 1v1 Friday Funnies.  Whatever you want... no pressure.

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  1. I'm enjoying these, keep them coming! (and I didn't enjoy it because you told me to, or assumed I would, or even hoped I would, so you better enjoy that I enjoyed it! and no I won't feel guilty for telling you that)

  2. Ahaha.

    I now have the image of a single, geen-hulled hulk killing high-sec gankers by bumping them enthusiastically.

    It's an awful thought.

  3. I saw this on my RSS feed and had to come by to comment, that was a classic!

    Keep them coming mate.


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