The EVE Online Blog Pack... Whoa!

Shortly after I started playing Eve I started reading Eve blogs.  I've been a blog reader since they were called Bulletin Boards back in the "old days", and I've been writing blogs myself for almost 8 years.  It didn't take long for me to discover CrazyKinux, since almost all Eve Blog roads lead right back to his.  CK, in addition to having an awesome blog in his own right, is also the originator and home of something called the Eve Blog Pack.  It is a collection of blogs written primarily about Eve and has evolved over time to include CK's picks of "blogs chosen for their quality, regularity" and their "potential for greatness."

Recently CK decided it was time to update the Blog Pack and expand the listing to include more blogs.  As is natural in the blogging world, some blogs have fallen silent or stopped blogging on a regular basis, and it was probably time for a fresh look anyway.  I can't speak to the reasons, but only to the results.

This morning I found out that your friendly neighborhood Eve blogger has been honored by being included on the new, improved and expanded Blog Pack!  And when I say honored I mean it.  I would also add totally unexpected and humbled to be included.  So a HUGE big thank you to CK!!  And to all my fellow Eve bloggers I also say thank you.  While I have been a long-time reader of your blogs I am trying to become more involved in the community now that I am writing my own blog.

I am honored to be a member of the Blog Pack.  I will be adding each of my fellow members blogs to the blog roll over the coming days.  The coolest moment for me happened this morning when I went to check my skill training on Capsuleer and discovered EVEOGANDA listed on the blogroll included with the app.  Yeeee!

For anyone visiting the blog for the first time welcome!  I'm just getting my feet planted here and feeling my way, but we are already entering our third month and off to a pretty good start I think.  So enjoy, catch up on the archives and come back often.

And, once again, thanks to CK and all my fellow bloggers.  It's great to be amongst friends.  Even though I would probably shoot you in-game.  Nothing personal.

PS: Whew! 50 blogs doesn't sound like a lot until you have to track them all down and add them to the blog feed over in the left sidebar.  I think I got all of them, but if you see one that is missing let me know.  I decided to list them by updates instead of alphabetically, but I'm open to changing that as we go along.


  1. Welcome on board! Now get writing and posting! :p

  2. Gratz mate look forward to more writing, and I ave got to say your banner pic is absolutely stunning. I love it.

  3. Thanks! As to posting I try to post every day that I play Eve, thats sorta my own internal, I shouldn't have actually mentioned it, inside my head rule. lol

  4. I had exactly the same feeling as you when I saw I was in it, welcome aboard as well :)


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