Hate the Drake?

Behold the poor Drake.  Abused, misused, cast-aside, and generally made to feel inferior in the universe of Eve.  Grudgingly someone may say, "Well it's a heck of a PvE boat." as if that might be taken as a compliment amongst Drake pilots.  Even though it is a heck of a PvE boat, that is beside the point.  With nearly two-hundred kills in this horrible PvP ship, let me start by telling you a story.

Once upon a time in the land of Null Space, a young and daring Caldari pilot proudly brought his badly fitted, but trusty Drake to gangs, gate camps, roams and even a few fleet battles.  He knew he should be flying those shiny ships he saw in the sky, but he also knew he couldn't.  Not yet.  His dedication to his craft was such that he was more than willing to die, if only he could be of some use on the battlefield.  This often meant he became aware of what "bait" meant, and yes he died more than he should.  He didn't get on as many kill mails as the gun based pilots, because kill mail whoring is something a Drake pilot cannot do.  All this, he didn't mind.  He knew things would get better with time, patience and practice.  But there was one thing he could not abide.

"No Drakes!"  No Drakes Allowed.  But...?  Bring something else.  He heard those words over and over again.  For months.  And still he continued training, refining and yes even flying other ships (I mean duh!).  His trusty Drake continued to improve even while he never really flew it all that much anymore.  All along he knew that one day, one day his faith in the little ship would be rewarded.  And one glorious day, things started to change.  Suddenly enemy fleets and gangs began to appear that featured Drakes, Drakes in large numbers.  The vaunted guns and auto-cannons could not stop them, the Drake gangs began to be feared (rightfully so btw) and slowly things started to turn around for the little ship.  Suddenly FCs began asking for Drakes in their gangs.  The awesome firepower of 40 Drakes in a fleet began to be respected.  And all was right with the world once again.

>cough< Ok, that was a little melodramatic, but it also happens to be true.  Let's be honest, every single ship in Eve has its positives and negatives.  There isn't one Holy Grail ship that rules them all.  Anyone who thinks that is sniffing glue and you need to stop listening to them.  Yes the Drake has some serious negatives, but those (again like any other ship) can be used to your advantage.  With the right set-up, the right mix of ships on your side, the Drake is a formidable weapon.

Having said that, I know why the Drake gets such a bad rap.  It is one of the easiest ships to get into in Eve, thousands of young Caldari pilots wizzing around the universe in the darn things, badly fitted, inexperienced and ready to be popped by the first thing that comes along.  I know, I used to be one of them.  Yes I used to go solo into Mara and Old Man Star in my Drake.  Good grief, I thought I was tough.  I wasn't.  I learned many valuable lessons doing it.  And maybe even added to the poor Drake's reputation in the process.  But now I can fit my Drake in a variety of different ways, it happens to be one of the most versatile Battlecruisers in the game and my skills are such that my resist tank is very tough to crack.  Go ahead and try.  Had some Battleships try and fail yesterday.

I don't fly the Drake much these days.  But when I want to have some fun in a tough battlecruiser that can bring the dps, I rely on old faithful.  And for those of you that like to hate on the Drake, I invite you to bring your favorite BC to the planet of your choice for a little 1v1.  If you bring a blaster fitted boat I'll even spot you 25% shield damage.


  1. Hitting the nail on the head. IF all the pilots I knew were very experienced and as capable as some people are in the drake I would not dislike it so much. It seems though that I keep seeing very new pilots showing up in fail fit drakes ~ master the smaller craft I say, then move on.

    That being said Caldari ships in fleets are VERY capable of all the ships in eve fleets of Caldari ships are to be respected.
    Eliminated yes, but respected too.

  2. The Drake power is strong in you!

    Drakes can be respectable ships if fit correctly, flown properly, and skilled right, but isn't that the truth for all ships in EvE? I like to think so.

    HAM Drakes are evil, forcing me to have to warp off more than one time for sure! HML Drakes have their place as well but leave me with a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth when targets just warp away from missiles in flight at long ranges, but I get the same feeling when I just need that one more cycle of arties as a target warps out!

    So what version of the drake do you fly and I might just have to take you up on your 1v1 offer ;)

  3. I fly both the HAM and HML Drakes, both high-resist tanks with nano fitted tough and fast (for a Drake at least).

    Yeah, the same things could be said of every ship and I think that's the point I was trying to make really. No matter what you fly, fit, skill and experience count for the difference between a kill and a podexpress home.

  4. Drakes are hated because they are poor fleet ships. They don't fit a proper speed mod (afterburner is NOT acceptable for a slow Caldari BC), they can't RR very well, their missiles take forever to inflict damage on targets, and their DPS is pitiful.

  5. Wow. What can I say, you are right, Drakes don't fit well into YOUR fleets because you think about fleets from your own perspective. Which is what most people do. Who would RR a Drake? And my nano fit MWD Drake is very nimble thank you. And my HAMS don't take long at all to reach their targets. They're quite zippy. And they shred.

  6. I love my HAM drake. The fact that people go for it last because they expect it to be ubertanked or doing pitiful damage certainly can work in your advantage.

  7. Exactly. I'm not saying the Drake is the be all, end all ship, but I am saying that there isn't a be all, end all ship. People fly fail fit Canes and Harbis too!

  8. I guess Syndicate is the only place you see shield RR gangs rolling through causing havoc.

    Bright Side of Death, Rote Kapelle, Aduro Protocol (I think), and others all fly shield ops. Think shield tanked Myrms, Drakes, Vaga's, Scimitars. RK does it smaller scale since we are, well, smaller, but BSOD flew through in a 30-40 man fleet not to long ago, buncha drakes, Scimi support, with ECM. Would have been a tough nut to crack, even for a bigger gang.

    Sage, people RR drakes all the time, using scimi or basilisk gangs, but really how many people RR BC hulls? If there is a BC hull in a RR BS gang, there is one name for that ship, primary. Heavy and HAM aren't cruise missiles and get to their targets with some speed. 500+ dps isn't that bad. Even 350+ dps at any range for the HML versions isn't too bad either. People not fitting MWD's on their combat ships are dumb anyways or in a inty or Dram, so that's hardly a strike against the ship. I agree with Myrhial, undervalued ships get good fights, so keep overlooking the loldrake at your own risk.


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