What a week!  Finally getting settled into my new home in COW, stretching my legs y'know, getting used to things, bookmarking jump bridges, setting up comms, getting to know what is what, the usual.  Sadly it has been a very busy RL time, so my Eve time has been somewhat limited.  But I do what I can.

One thing I've noticed over the past week is that, despite moving to the Great Wildlands/Scalding Pass region for a "fresh start", it seems that Providence is determined to follow me.  I've noticed more and more ex-patriots in the region as the days go on.  Both individual pilots and Corps.  Just yesterday I see that my old Corp has now joined Gentleman's Club and another old Corp of mine is in Primary.  That is in addition to countless individual pilots I keep running into in one Corp or another.  Interesting.  Providence, scattered to the four winds.

What do you mean, how do I feel about it?  It's fine, awesome, great, whatever.  It is good having friends around, in your gangs, people that you know you can count on.  It makes the game better I believe.  It isn't exactly necessary... sorta like that extra bit of icing on your corner of the cake.  It makes you happier when you see it.

Eve is tricky in so many ways.  In the game I encounter dozens if not hundreds of "people" every day.  Sometimes I even talk to these people by voice, over comms.  Often we share stories, experiences and other information of a personal nature.  Like friends.  And yet, in all cases so far, I have yet to meet any of them in real life.  I know ONE person in real life that plays Eve and that is Angor, but more about him in another post.  But they aren't friends.  And yet they are friends.  Strange huh?  I'm sure anyone reading this post has struggled with that same thought.  Friends, but not really and yet yes.  Virtual friends?  Nah, that sounds to close to imaginary friends.  Eve friends?  That does sound better.  Do these people really need a label?  Not to me they don't.  They are what they are and, much like the people that read this blog, I value them.  They are real.  They don't occupy the same place as people I know in real life, friends that I've known for years, but not every does.  In fact, some friends in Eve occupy higher places than some people I know in real life.  Some of these real life people can be real asshats.

Not much more for today.  Back in August I started another character who I am bringing along as an Industrial/Miner character, she has a little over eight million skill points at the moment.  She can fly Hulks and Freighters, but right now she is running missions.  Just level ones to start with.  I never ran missions, other then the Level Fours or Fives that other people invited me on.  So this is something different.  She is RJ's wife in-game, Anastasia Javix.  And her and Angor's wife have their own Corp.  I'll be introducing them as we go along here on the blog.

Didn't know it was gonna be so complicated did ya?  Cartoons, Poetry, Art, Stories... what next?

While you are waiting for answers, check out this video over on CK's about the new Planetary Interaction!