Wallpaper Contest: Titan Sunrise

CrazyKinux (who I suspect might indeed be crazy, but in a good way) is running another contest over on his site, this one a Wallpaper contest.  You can read the details for yourself if you are interested.  I've been meaning to enter since it was announced, but man has this been a busy time, apparently Spring Fever isn't just words!

Anyway, I've had this screenshot sitting around gathering dust on the hard drive since July of last year and thought it captured a moment in time extremely well.  I did do some minor editing of the image, but only cosmetic.  I removed a couple of background ships that were caught off edge, one label that managed to identify the Titan pilot (oops) and a general overall Color Level and Balancing thing I like to call "Movie Magic" (which sadly for you is a proprietary blend of actions developed over 20+ years that makes images real purty and which I can't share. Not that I wouldn't, but mainly because it isn't written down it is just something that I do by instinct at this point).

I hope I win the contest, not because of vanity or anything, but simply because I could use the isk.  Big changes are in the works that need to be properly funded.  I can't share them with you right now, but rest assured that I will when the time is right.  In the meantime, enjoy the wallpaper!

Titan Sunrise

Click HERE to download the 2560x1177 original.

And, because I am such a nice guy, HERE is a 1280x1024 letter-boxed version!

Titan Sunrise 1280x1024